Hailie W. Pennsylvania

College debt

Lower college debt

 November 2, 2016

Dear future President,

Will I be able to go to college? College debt is one of the most fearing things after college. It affects over 44 million people. We should stop debt or at least lower it. College debt is not good because it is always rising, it limits people of getting a house and other things after college, and people can't always pay off the debt.

College tuition is always rising that means that debt is always rising. Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. The class of 2016 had an average of $37,172 per person in student loan debt. That price went up 6% from last year. The debt is going to keep rising till we put a stop to it.

Something else that college debt does is it stops people when they're older from getting a house and other necessities. They can't get things they need because they have so much debt that they have to worry about paying the debt off and they don't want to add more debt to that. Either they can't pay off the first debt or they don't want to have more debt from buying a house. If they do buy a house and already have debt then they could be paying debt for the rest of their lives.

Ways we can try to stop or lower college debt are. One way is that we can lower the prices of some colleges that would help. Another way that I think would help make college more affordable is to make community college for all four years instead of just two years because community college is a lot cheaper than other colleges.

Those are the reasons why college debt is bad. Plus ways that we can end or lower college debt. It would be amazing if this letter makes a small difference in our world. 

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