Jenaka Indiana

Gun Control

Gun control taken too far.

       Dear Mrs. Future President,

             I would like to talk about gun control in the United States. I care about this topic because, these days it is very dangerous to be out and alone with no way of protecting yourself. If you make a strict background check on people, they could have hurt/killed someone with a gun when they where 5. So if they have that on their record they wont be able to have a gun?

            I would like to suggest an idea for a 'Ban on assault weapons' plan. Instead of banning assault weapons completely , that if you where a hunter, you would have a right to own one. But ONLY if they are hunters. So you do a background check and you make sure that they have a hunter permit. If they aren't a hunter they aren't allowed to own an assault weapon.

            Others should care about this topic because there are to many people getting hurt. With these changes, I personally think that america will be safe again. Please take in consider of this letter. Hope all goes well.


                                                                                                Jenaka Hundley from Fort Wayne, Indiana