SageU Ohio

Gun Laws are in Need for Some Change.

Shootings are constantly being broke out in the U.S. It is time to change that.

Dear Future President,

When you think about guns, the only thing that comes to mind is most likely all the mass shootings we see in America. While many say that we should take away guns, we should really be thinking about protecting the second amendment. Not a single day goes by that I don't hear of some kind of shooting that took place somewhere in the U.S. I know many people who have lost someone to a shooting. Letting guns get into the wrong hands has caused many mass murders, proving that some changes to gun laws are in order.

On June 12th, 2016, a mass shooting broke out at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, Killing 49 people. This is documented as the worst mass shooting in American history. Though many believe that taking guns away would completely help this problem, it's quite the opposite. If a single person in the bar had had a concealed carry, lives could've been saved. Although gun laws should be enforced on who should be able to have guns, background checks etc, We should still be allowed to bear arms. Our second amendment says so in itself, The right to bear arms. People think the best way to stop this would be to take away the second amendment, but no one takes in the fact that guns have saved us as well. We have the right to keep our second amendment.

Through history, America has always had more mass killings caused by guns than any other country in the world. Back in the 1990’s, It was found that 46% of households and 29% of individuals owned a firearm. These numbers have dropped to 32% and 21% since then. These drops in numbers would make you think that the problem was coming to a solution. But since 2012, there has been almost 994 shootings. The numbers of deaths have seemed to have no improvement so far.

Other places such as Australia and Europe have low amounts of mass deaths caused by shootings. In 2012, the homicide rate of America showed that 60% of people killed that year were from guns. Canada, Australia and the UK came out far under that number. This shows how other countries have such lower rates of shootings. Though this information may make people believe that guns should be taken away completely, we should be thinking otherwise. Unlike other countries, we have the second amendment. We should not be punished for carrying guns. We have a law that states our ability to carry. It is unfair to those with the right, to take away guns because of others who have overused the power. We should limit the ability to acquire a gun but we should still respect the second amendment.

So, Future President of America. How are YOU going to fix this problem? America needs changes to gun laws. By improving these laws, America can be safer for the future generations. If you do not do something, America will just keep tumbling down. But you mustn't take away our rights. If you keep our rights but enforce who can get a firearm, things in America will run a lot smoother. You will save lives. I suggest protecting the second amendment while enforcing background checks. I don't really think you want to be in charge of a destroyed country, do you? That's what will happen if YOU don't improve this problem now.

Sincerely, Sage U.