Valarie Illinois

No Guns in America

Gun problems in the USA need to stop.

Hi my name is Valarie Pieruccini, I go to Alexander graham bell school in chicago Illinois. Over the past decade the US has been having many issues with gun control. Our deaths by guns have dramatically increased. The US has tried numerous times to resolve this problem, including “President Obama telling one questioner that his gun control actions would make it a little more difficult and a little more expensive to buy a firearm during a town hall on Thursday.”. Sadly no ideas have resolved the massive gun problem in America. This is why I have come to you, I believe I have found a solution.

I believe Guns should be outlawed in the USA, not including army usage. I am aware the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, “ Right to bare arms” allows all US citizens to own and use a gun. I imagine there should be a twenty-eight amendment that says “Guns are outlawed in the USA.”. This amendment will hopefully decreasing the number of gun deaths in the USA.

Most people may argue that we should not change one of the USA’s most sacred document that runs our country well, I disagree with this statement. If the Bill of Rights is running our country so well, why are so many people dying every day because of guns? For example Laquan McDonald, a Chicago police officer fired 16 bullets at him in a fatal shooting captured on dashcam video that sparked outrage and reforms in a city that remains far from healed. Though we may not want to change our constitution doing nothing about this situation is not helping our country grow positively, and is not helping people like Laquan McDonald.

After hearing many gun death stories like Laquan McDonald’s, it made me come to the conclusion that Police officers in the US should replace their guns with tasers. Tasers have the same general effect as guns but do not have life risking effects on people. More than twenty percent of gun deaths were fadal by police officers to victims. If used tasers the victims would still be alive. When struck with a taser the electricity sends signals to the central nervous system, causing pain and muscle contractions. Most victims fall down, which is why it's used to subdue people in police altercations. With tasers you have a five percent chance of death, when with guns depending on where you were shot you have an average seventy five percent chance of death. I propose that there should be a twenty-ninth amendment, This will state "Police officers are to only use tasers in extreme case of defense.".

I assume using these ideas will not only benefit the USA but the whole world someday. Studies show when one person starts attempting the right thing other people do the same till everyone is doing that thing. Good luck in your feature terms as President, I hope you consider my ideas.


Valarie Pieruccini