Corrie P. California

Gun Control

Legal reform needs to be implemented regarding gun control in order to help Americans feel safe in their own country and ease their fears of gun violence.

Hello Future President,

Firearm assaults and terrorist shootings are appalling events that unfortunately plague our nation every day and are on the rise. Statistics show that 90 people a day are killed by guns, 31 resulting from murders. In the United States, many people are living in fear of gun violence, and this worry needs to be resolved. I believe that controlling guns will help in some circumstances, although the desire for protection and the ability to uphold the Second Amendment are major concerns in the United States.

Firstly, I believe that there should be stricter gun laws that make it more difficult to purchase a firearm. The ease in which someone in America can purchase a gun is a leading cause of gun violence. People who are unfit to own guns and unable to use them in a reasonable and safe manner have access to them. These types of people include felons, fugitives, and domestic abusers. There should be more extensive background checks required before purchasing a gun. Secondly, there should be mandatory licensing and training for those who purchase guns, as well as requirement for safe and secure gun storage. These are some things that would help to decrease the number of deaths by guns in the United States.

Many people in the United States rely on firearms to keep them safe and protected in their own homes. They rely on the Second Amendment for the right to bear arms, and many law-abiding citizens follow all laws perfectly. It is viewed as unfair to strip them of their constitutional rights, especially when it helps save lives and creates a sense of security.

Although gun violence is a complex issue facing America, we must start somewhere in making citizens feel more safe, free of the fear of gun violence. This can happen with more regulations and increased safety gun laws.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you may help to make America a safer and better place.



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