Samantha Pennsylvania

No Homework!

Homework i think there is too much of it.Please read if you want to stop homework.

                                                                                                     11 October 2016

Dear Future President,

I'm giving this letter to you because I think that we have a problem with home work I think there's too much of it being handed out to students in one day ,or being handed out in general and I think you can do something about it.

The reason I want to talk about homework is because there's too much of it.When kids get home from six to seven hours of work and sitting in a chair all day they don't want to have to do more work and sit down , kids want to play outside with friends or just relax a little after all of that work."To the extent that homework denies access to other leisure and community activities, it's not the child's best interest" says Harris Cooper, I can certainly relate to that statement.

And studies show that when kids were reported to doing more than ninety to one-hundred minuets of homework there grades actually declined, there is a limit from how much kids can benefit from homework.

A lot of kids like to do after school activities which is good for there mental and physical health because it lets them destress from the long day but with homework involved kids may not be able to enjoy the activity as much knowing that when they get home they have to go do work.This might even prevent kids from doing after school activities because of the stress and pressure they have to get there homework finished and are also worried about not being able to finish it.

Some younger kids through the ages of six to nine years old may result in tantrums, crying , and screaming because they can't enjoy some time to them selves as well as the stress and pressure they are given at a younger age.

Maybe we could modify homework so that it isn't as worrisome ,like leaving homework to being more studying and making up unfinished tasks , but I definitely think that homework could be modified.

So with all that said I hope you will agree on getting rid of homework or leave it to studying and making up unfinished work.