Allie and Faith Iowa


Teachers should stop giving out homework unless they want to cause major health problems.

We have big homework problems in the United States. It is researched and learned to cause health problems, and many more things. We want to show all the things that are being caused by homework, and try to stop teachers from giving out assignments to decrease the problems being caused by homework.

Teachers must stop giving out school work unless they want to risk students obtaining health issues, obesity and a lot worse! About 80% of students reported a minimum of one stress-related symptom within the past month and 44% said that they had obtained three or more symptoms. School work doesn’t only have an effect on the scholars, it affects their family too. Some students aren’t obtaining enough family time, due to school work. Families were 200% more likely to fight over schoolwork if students receive over the suggested quantity.

Several parents have reported being distressed because they haven’t seen their child the whole weekend due to them trying to finish their school work assignment. Teens who struggle on their school work assignments feature a negative impact on the total family. School work will cause unwanted friction between parents and children, particularly those who are in a struggling area. School work will cause unwanted stress. Once it became to be a problem, 70% of the scholars said they were “often or continuously stressed” over school assignments, with 56% listing schoolwork as a primary agent. But 1% of the scholars said school work wasn't a problem.

It’s been reported that giving an excessive amount of school work is inflicting insufficient sleep. A number of these cases are causing a kind of diabetic disease. Students stay awake late doing school work, the consequence of this is them not getting enough sleep. That is resulting in automobile accidents, this is often the largest reason behind the death in teenagers. Not enough sleep will cause depression and anxiety. Homework can even make children fat if they are not getting active. Studies show that for top college students, school work will cause health issues like ulcers, migraines, sleep deprivation and even weight loss.

Analysis showed that excessive school work is related to high-stress levels, physical health issues and lack of balance in children's lives. An excessive amount of homework will cause stress, depression and even lower grades. Researchers asked students how school works affected them, students reported a lack of sleep, headaches, exhaustion and even abdomen issues. Teens who have more homework than they can handle could become disinterested with college and will lose motivation to work hard.

Over 3 hours of school assignments will stress children out, trigger health problems and throw off life balance. Once students get home from college the last thing they want to do is more reading and assignments. Almost every day we acquire assignments in every subject from our teachers adding up to four hours of school work. It’s been the belief that teachers giving out 3-4 hours of studying will make students smarter, in actuality it can have an opposite, negative impact. “School homework, extracurricular activities, sleep, repeat — that’s what it will be for a few of those students,” said Noelle Elmore John Leonard.

Once going to college for seven hours, students need to have two hours for activities, one hour for supper, half-hour for showering, and the remainder of the night they need the down time for friends, family and themselves. They should not be required to spend 1-4+ hours on school work. Students are also involved in activities, they also need to do chores around the house and help their families with other things also. Several students felt forced to choose school work over developing other abilities or talents.

The researchers additionally found that the result of an excessive amount of time on school work meant that students “weren't meeting their biological process desires or cultivating alternative important life skills”. Students felt forced to skip activities, stop seeing friends or family and not participate in hobbies.

Many researchers have instructed the ten-minute-rule, first graders have ten minutes, second graders have twenty, and so on. Many colleges aren't following this rule and they are giving students three times the maximum amount school work they should be allowed to have. Preschool children shouldn’t be allowed to have any after school assignments and they have gotten up to an hour of after school work.

Keeping a five-year-old sitting at a table for that long isn't easy, reported several parents. Parents hope that once the kids are out of school, they should be playing outside. Today's students spend a longer time doing school work, than making history. A study showed that the amount of school work since 1981 has increased by 51%. Additionally, teachers ought to stop giving out assignments as this has resulted in several younger students first experience of pornography seen on-line. When students see it they may be tempted to click on it, repeatedly doing this may result in a pornography addiction.