Jayden T. Pennsylvania

Epipen Cost

Millions of people suffer from the cost of epipens. I myself do too. I think that it is time to lower the cost of this medicine.

Dear next president,

Me and my brother suffer from extremely bad allergies. But the medicine needed to prevent these is too much but of course we are forced to purchase it anyway. My family blows $1400 every year to protect us which could buy us almost 5 nights at our favorite beach. Those meds include only 2 EpiPens and inhalers!!! Just imagine what it is like to not be able to eat the cake at your friend's birthday but instead have to stay away or you need to use one of the $600 EpiPens and get another. That's my world.

Millions of kids have bad allergies. Some of their parents are just like this too. These medicines cost way too much. If the prices are not lowered soon your customers could go on strike. Allergic reactions can cause illness and in some cases death. If some families can't purchase them people will die or become extremely sick. Don't say that it's not worth it because of this query. To you is life more important than money? Please president lower the meds cost.

Sincerely Jayden