Kaden Pennsylvania

Animal abuse

I think there should be a longer sentence for people who abuse animals.

 October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to you because I'm very concerned about this topic . For my story I chose animal abuse.

I chose this topic to write about because cruelty to animals should stop. The local SPCA should close because when they get full of animals they put them in a gas chamber and die. Things like this can lead to a fine or jail for a couple years. Overall I am writing this story because I feel that this such topic should stop immediately.

The definition of animal abuse, cruelty to animals also called animal abuse, suffering harm to animals regardless of whenever the act is against the law.

My topic is important to know about because other people can learn from people's mistakes, like other people can learn if somebody does this other people will know not to do it. Its also can change your life, people will feel bad for themselves if they do it.

I think you as our future President you should make the laws more strict and have a longer sentence for people who strictly abuse and harm animals.