Ryan Pennsylvania


Homework is stressful.

                                                                                                    October 11, 2016

Dear Future President,

Homework is stressful. After a long day of school many students are tired and stressed out. Kids need a balance between school and sports or other activities. Students want to have fun but they have too much homework to be able to enjoy any activity.

When kids do their homework they do too much like an hour or two. It's frustrating to do your homework , especially when there are loud noises in the room, like in my house. Also, kids go outside, ride bikes, play sports, and they may not have enough time to do homework. If kids don't get homework done, kids will get in trouble with their teacher. While kids do homework they are sometimes so tired trying to to get it done that they will fall asleep. They will have to wake up early to finish work. Next, kids should work hard at school so they will not have to do their homework. Students want to spend time with their family and friends but we have homework so we are not able to have time with them.

In conclusion, I think you, as the Future President, should consider no homework for kids.