Mollie Ohio

Retakes and Redos

Redos and Retakes on homework and tests are hurting to students that are going to college.

November 1, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you today because teachers that allow late work and retakes on tests are not helping us get ready for college. Therefore seniors that are going to college will not know what to do when they forget their homework or get an F on their test because they can’t redo it. This student said,”Life is not always full of second chances. College professors are not going to accept something days later. Also, it's not fair to students who did their work the first time around"(Student Survey). It's sad that there are students out there that understand what is going to happen to them when they go to college, but too scared say anything, so I’m going to be that kid. I’m going to help those students and bring this issues to the head of state. You.

Taking retakes and accepting late work does not help the students, that are getting ready for college because that doesn’t happen at college. Colleges do not accept those things and the seniors that are going into college will have the hardest time adjusting. This is from a student at Oak Hills High School that agreed with my statement,” Encourages personal responsibility, helps adapt one to what one will face in the real world. I feel retakes make classes far easier than they should be, that they bring the standard far too low. I believe the same educational philosophy that encourages retakes and accepting late work is the reason why America is lagging behind other nations in education"(“Student Survey”). There are students all over the United States that think this. And it needs to happen fast so that there are more students that are going into college and knowing what they're doing. This also messes with how they will think of the world in their future.

Can we have redos on life? On our problems? People do not get redos on life. Once you mess up you can not just go back and fix it. It won’t happen. I mean unless someone builds a time machine and then we all can go back in time and fix our problems. One of the students proved this. They said,”If teachers let us retake and redo tests and homework, what is the point of trying? I like teachers that don't accept those things then we have a better chance at life and college. We know that we can't have redos and retakes but that we can work hard to get what we what." (“Student Survey”). Students are getting tired of teachers that just come up to us and say that we are we are going to graduate even when if we have an F in their class. That’s not right. We should not be told that we are going to graduate with an F because what if I want to go to college? What if this prevents me from getting into college? I don’t want that. I want to be successful and get into the college I want. I also know that I’m not the only one. There are a lot of kids that want that too. They want to succeed and want to graduate college, but for that to happen you have to have teachers that care about your future and how well you do in that class.

The way the president can solve this problem is by actually having teachers that care about our future, their school and want us to succeed. Make it so that teachers are not allowed to accept late work our sophomore year and up.But there is the majority of students that really like it when teachers accept late work and re takes on test. Like in this survey, (Student Survey), 90.1% students do enjoy teachers that let you retake tests and that accept late work. I’m about to go to college and I really feel like I not prepared for what is coming towards me. In college they don’t accept late work. They don’t let re-takes on test. The classes in college are like: take notes, read this, and then take a test.There are even classes that that don’t give notes. You take your own, and you can literally just show for the test and take it. High School needs to get us prepared for college. They should at the least start our sophomore year. If the president does this then we could be more prepared for college. This is why there are people that go into college and are so upset because once you mess up you can’t go back and fix it. Re-takes and re-dues don’t happen in the real world. Why should they happen in school? Answer this, if school are supposed to teach us how to do well in the real world, then why teach us that redos and retakes are okay?