Raul D. California

Too Much Homework

Why we shouldn't have so much homework.

Dear Future President,

I think there are problems in this country that really need to be solved. One problem is homework. Sometimes teachers give too much homework all at once. We get assignments from multiple classes and sometimes each assignment takes a while to complete or it is kinda difficult.

For example, my Spanish teacher gives us multiple assignments of homework every day and all that plus homework for from other classes means that we can't even relax because the whole day we are just working on homework. He gives us at least 3 or 4 activities from a text book which each one alone takes 8-10 minutes if you rush. And sometimes apart from that, he sometimes assigns work from another book. He either makes us read from the book or answer a lot of questions about a story. And those questions also require us to read some of the story. And all of that homework plus homework from other classes makes homework take forever to complete. 

I think that it will be better if we didn't have as much homework so that we can finish it in a couple of hours then be able to chill for the rest of the day like we should be able to, instead of getting home and doing homework all day until we have to go to bed. It would be great if you could do something that makes it so that teachers do not give so much homework.

Maybe put a system that makes it so that teachers give different assignments on different days so that you can work on an assignment for 1 class and then the next day work on homework for another class so that we don't have to rush to get it finished everyday. I'm just giving a suggestion. Maybe you could come up with a better one but try to make it so that teachers can't give so much home work.

Sincerely, Raul

Santa Clara High School

SCHS English 9

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