Amanda Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is becoming worse, and worse in our world, and it needs to stop. Read on to see my opinion on it. I have a strong story that relates to it. :)


Dear Future President,

Have you ever had a pet animal that you truly cared about? Well, I can tell you that today people are the complete opposite of that. Animal abuse is what am talking about.To start off, animal abuse is getting worse and worse everyday, and it’s a major problem.

I big example is about my dog Maxie. She doesn't have one mean bone in her body, and is the most cutest dog ever. One day when Maxie was with her previous owners, she wandered off by herself and sadly got hit by a car but did survive. She was okay, but the car did run over her whole leg. Her owners saw it, and didn’t feel like taking care of it, and neglected her. Shorty after, my family rescued her.

Animal abuse is just not happening to dogs. MANY other harmless animals are suffering too. Humans have feelings just like animals do. They do no deserve this. Animal abuse is cruel and heartbreaking. Why do people get an animal , if their not going to treat it like one?

In conclusion, I think you, as the future President, should find out better solutions to animal abuse.