Ethan Pennsylvania

Sea Turtle Poaching!

these ancient animals are fading away fast help out now!


Dear Future President,

I strongly think there should be more conservations towards sea turtle poaching. I have seen many turtle shells all over beaches in the US. Even with all of the laws and efforts, people are still poaching sea turtles.

This manner needs to be dealt with soon because all 7 types of sea turtles are endangered! Sea turtles are being capture in nets that are thrown over the sides of boats. Sometimes they are just hunted for fun. This is a very big and sad deal. I think there should be camps held to protect their eggs and hatchlings. Sea turtles are being killed for eggs, shells, meat and for fun. Millions of years ago millions of sea turtles roamed the oceans and there are less than 50,000 now. Sea turtles need our help and fast.

I think you as the future president should donate money, start more conservations, and save our sea turtles fast!!