James Pennsylvania

Education K-12

America should be more worried about education k-12


Dear Future President,

When I was driving through Philadelphia, I saw homeless people on the streets, and in New York people sitting on the side of the road begging for money. Children going around house to house asking to walk there dog our do something for money. Pick pockets running around stealing.Children in America go to school on a 180 day per year schedule and have short brakes in between the days, but many children in their teenage years drop out of school to work and get money to help them and their families. Sadly they do not get the education they need to get a better job when they get older, and most of the time end up with low pay, homelessness, or they become criminals that rob, assassinate, and murder for money and or drugs. They become sad men/women who have nothing in there life to look forward to. In conclusion, I think you as the future president, should give the homeless, and poor more education, so they make more money and cause less trouble.