Alex Indiana


My letter is about how colored people are being judged for their skin color.

October 26th, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate

I will be telling you about the facts and options about racism in the United States. I also will be talking about how police in the law enforcement are treating different color groups differently from white males. I think this needs to be said because racism is not something that anyone should go through. Also nobody should ever be judged on how they look or the color of their skin.

By the way, black males are at a higher risk of getting killed for no reason at all, many white male officers are the ones murdering black males in cold blood. In “Three Ways to Reduce Implicit Bias in Policing, it said, “Rather, more and more studies are finding that the accumulation of unconsciously biased, often split-second, decisions drive the arrests, shooting deaths, and incarceration of black and Latino men”. I believe that some people would disagree with my ideas because some people would say that what the police are doing is right, however some sources have said otherwise. It means that colored are being mistreated in public and even in prisons. In conclusion I believe that this option is correct because people of any race should have the same legal right like people of any other race.

Furthermore I believe that a new law could be equally right. This means that if someone kills someone else over race or doesn’t have a real reason to why they shot that person over their race, then they would’ve broken the law. I believe it should be passed so that people could be protected over being another race and that person would need a reason is to why they did something. This law could be passed by the House of Representatives by being told that someone would like to pass a new law and think it over and send it to the Supreme court to test whether or not it is constitutional or unconstitutional. This law could be passed by the senate by looking it over with the cabinet and then sending it to the Supreme Court to test whether or not it is constitutional or unconstitutional. This law could be passed the president after the Supreme court said whether or not it is constitutional or unconstitutional.

In conclusion this topic is important to me because anyone of any race should be treated equally. I propose that we make a new law titled ‘Xenophobia’, and I believe this right should be passed to help other people be treated the same and not be taken advantage of. I will get this law passed by presenting this to my State Senator and have it passed to the Supreme Court and then passed to the president. I believe that the next president should focus on this law so that people can feel safe while living their daily lives as human beings.



14 Years of Age

8th Grader

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana