Alexis.m.m Indiana


Immigration is not fair

Hello Mr.Future President or Mrs.Future president ~

I hope you consider my idea for the immigration law for the United States Of America. It seems like the candidates for the president of the United States ,it seems like they do not want people from Mexico coming into the country . I think that is very wrong and mean because they are humans just like all of us and you want to keep them out of the country when they just want a better life to. It seems very weird that the candidates are going to let in refugees that could be members of Isis but they won't let in people from Mexico. Just think about it.

11.3 million of the United States people are illegal. That is not much because as many people as we say that we have here legally is way more. Candidates running for president want to bring in more refugees to live a better life here in America .why can't we have some people from Mexico that could be dying form the condition there staying in .think about it.

I wrote this letter because I think it is a very very important matter.i also wrote this letter because it's just not right in my belief .please consider my ideas because it is very luck to the candidates running for president.

Sincerely ~ Alexis from Indiana