Bryce S. Indiana

Education & Fees

I feel student fees along with tuition is to high.

Dear Future President,

      I know my opinion doesn't really matter I am just a kid in Indiana but my name is Bryce and tuition, and fees in schools and colleges are to high. Tuition and fees for a state resident attending a public school can be as high as $9000 a year, but if they decided to attend a private college unpaid for would be $32000, a $23000 difference.

      A college certificate is generally one year long. ($9000-$32000) An associates degree mainly in community college lasts two years. ($18000-$64000) A bachelors degree lasts four years and is the main degree everyone goes for. ($36000-$128000) A masters degree requires a bachelors degree and adds an additional two years of college in that subject. ($54000-$192000) Lastly the highest degree a PH.D. adding an additional three to six years of college in that subject, this degree also requires a bachelors degree. ($63000-$320000)

      In conclusion I feel college tuition and fees are to high because they can cost $10000+ and if a person doesn't get payed enough they could go into debt.


Bryce Schmidt