Peyton C. Indiana

End Abortion

This is murder. Stop this now.

Dear Future President,

Abortion should be made illegal. To me, it makes no sense whatsoever that it is legal to end the baby's life right before it comes out of the mother's womb, but as soon as it is born and you were to end its life, its illegal. Women have should have equal rights, of course, but it is so wrong that this be made alright. If you do not want to keep the baby, then put it up for adoption and give it to a family who will love and care for it. Or just don't have sex, that is an option too. Most people who have abortions are teenagers that are too immature to be having sex. Ending someone's life who will never get a say on it is just so unfair. This should be considered murder. Please make this illegal. 

Thank you, 

Peyton Culver