Kathy W. Indiana

Environmental Problems

I believe we should stop using so much energy to stop global warming and many other things.

Dear future President,

                                                 I believe we should cut down on pollution and energy. We are spending way too much on energy to the point where it's harming everyone, even us! We shouldn't take advantage of this problem, instead we need to find solutions instead.

          We need to cut down on pollution because it's harming the animals around us, and we need animals in our ecosystem. The animals are losing homes because of green house gases and global warming. The animals help recycle many things in the ecosystem. It breaks down the things we don't need and helps with the soil. We're also polluting the ocean which can harm the sea life. If we keep throwing trash and oils, it gets animals stuck in it and they are helpless, if we don't do something about it we could loose these animals.

           I also believe we need to stop cutting down the trees that we can't retrieve back. The trees help our air become cleaner and takes the carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen. The trees also keep houses for many animals. The Amazon rainforest is also an example, they cut down the forest which millions of animals loose. If we don't preserve the rainforest and many others, if we don't stop this future generations won't know what these things are.

          Even kids in many parts of the world don't have the cleanest air or water. Water and air are very important on how we live, if we don't use these properly then we would barely have any in the future. What we should do about this problem is that we should cut down on some energy fuels, such as fossil fuels and coal. We should replace these with solar, hydroelectric, and wind power. These sources are renewable and safe. These would help because it wouldn't waste anything and we can reuse it after a long time. It doesn't give green house gases, it's clean, and it's safe. It would also be a natural resource.

     Overall, this would help with the environment and help lower green house gases. If we continue to use the energy we use now it will destroy our planet. We would also not have any resources in the future and it will become scarce. We should use renewable resources and it won't harm much animals, it's clean and renewable.


                                           Kathy W.