sarah b. Indiana

Asian Rant

When you turn 18 child labor laws no longer applies to you.

Dear Future President,

Welcome to a day in my life. I go to school every weekday morning, after school I go to work at a very popular fast food chain, finally, I come home and do homework and go to bed. I repeat this process everyday, everyday! Now that I am no longer 18, child labor no longer apply to me. Because of this issue it is difficult to juggle work and school. I work 30-40 hours a week and go to school 5 out of the 7 days. Future President, being a senior in high school with college application, AP classes, 30-40 hour work weeks, homework, and spending time with my family is extremely difficult. Parents tell you that you can't be tired. All you did was go to school. Well parents, school is just as exhausting. Now try coming home with chores and working at lease 5 hours after school 5 days a week plus weekends. I feel that child labor laws should still apply to students in high school with different limitations. Not having a day off is exhausting and stressful.