Je'Kya C. Indiana


This letter mainly focuses on terrorism.

Je’Kya Turpin-Cummings

English 11, Period 2

3 November 2016

Dear future president,

Have you ever wondered when terrorism would come to an end? The United States needs to set laws that prevents refugees from coming into our country. There are many solutions to fixing this problem. Many concerns are stirring around our country, people afraid that terrorism will never come to an end. People invading our country killing people who are innocent citizens. There are many innocent people’s lives that are at risk more and more everyday as long as the continue to let refugees come into the United States. If you ask a number of people whether they are afraid that refugees will take over our country or not, I would assume that many of them would say that they are terrified. This reveals that our country needs to have more communication when it comes to the endangerment of our innocent citizens.

What has this world come to? Terrorism started when security allowed refugees to come into our country and start to kill innocent citizens. According to the Associated Press, “This was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. On November 13th, ISIS carried out its most violent attack in Europe. Gunmen killed 130 people at several places in Paris, France, and wounded hundreds more.” On this day, this was one of the most aggressive actions to ever happen in Europe. Associated Press has also stated that, “Roughly 2,200 Syrian refugees have been allowed in over the last four years. The president has a goal of bringing 10,000 more Syrian refugees to the United States over the next year.” We honestly have no idea what refugees’ plans are when they come into our country.

People shouldn’t be afraid to walk out of their house, some are afraid that they will be involved in a random act of terrorism because you never know when or where it will happen. People’s lives are at risk more and more everyday as long as security continues to let refugees come into our country. According to Associated Press, “The president did order the government departments of State and Homeland Security to review the fiance visa program that the female shooter in California used to enter the United States. It gives permission for people marrying U.S. citizens to come to America.” Associated Press, has also stated that “He also repeated his call for a new gun control laws, saying no matter how effective law enforcement and intelligence agencies are, they cannot identify every would be shooter. He called it a matter of national security to prevent potential killers from getting guns.”

Some might say not everyone that comes in the United States are terrorists, but I argue that we have no idea if all the refugees coming into our country are terrorists or not. According to Tribune News, “They also know that the vast majority of the Syrian refugees would be honest and law-abiding. Most are simply fleeing a violent civil war they had nothing to do with starting. Many are fleeing the Islamic State, which had taken over parts of their war-torn country.” With the security we have, there is no way of being able to tell which ones would tell the truth and which ones would lie. Tribune News also stated, that “The governors resisting the refugee resettlement simply do not trust Obama’s claim that all of the refugees will be checked out extremely carefully. Neither does the public. A Rasmussen poll showed some 60 percent of likely voters “oppose the settling of Syrian refugees in the state where they live.” This shows that many of the citizens in the U.S. believe that most of the refugees coming into our country may or may not terrorists.

When will it come to an end? People are afraid to walk out of their house because they don’t know what will happen to them in that moment or when they are out and about. As long as security continues to let in without being checked, everyone’s lives will continue to be at risk more and more everyday. Terrorists are coming into our country and are killing the innocent citizens whom they may not know. Many of citizens don’t believe that refugees should be allowed to come into our country. When it comes to endangerment of others that when they need to step up security. The central issue here is the question of historical, analytical honesty.

Sincerely, Je’Kya Turpin-Cummings