Bart Indiana

Climate Change Should Be Solved As Soon As Possible

Climate change is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

Dear future President, 

Climate change is a major problem that needs to be fixed and this is why I, Bart, care about this issue. Climate change is a big problem, it is melting the North and South Pole, and causing the summer heat to stay longer. I care time the ice melting is making us have less water available to us. Which means that we will need to get more water from different sources, possibly other planets. Climate Change might also make us starve because climate change will change the places where we grow crops. Which means that we might have less area to grow crops, which gives us less time!That is why I, Bart, care about climate change. 

Climate change is a problem and these are my suggestions. The cause of climate change is pollution. Factory's, cars, and things like that cause pollution. China is a big cause of pollution as well. Why pollution is a problem is because pollution is thickening our atmosphere, which means that the heat that is getting in the atmosphere is being trapped in our atmosphere. I suggest that you limit the amount of cars and factories working each day because that will lesson the pollution that is made each day. I also think that we should all " go green" by using renewable sources of energy, like solar power and use less of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Or using less no renewable sources of power. Those are my suggestions.

Why should others care about this issue? Everyone should want to save the environment and save the Earth. Everyone should want to have as much time on Earth as possible! That is why others should care about this issue. 

Sincerely, Bart