Aubrey D. Indiana


Abortion should not be illegal.

Dear Future President,

    I would like to address one thing, and I hope that you will take these into consideration.  I don't believe that abortion should be illegal. I believe that every woman should have the right to make decisions for herself.  If a woman believes that she is unfit to be a mother, she shouldn't have to be one. If you are unable to give the proper care, why would you bring a child into the world. What kind of life would that child be living? Yes, adoption is an option, but what about all those children in foster homes? There are plenty of children waiting to be adopted, yet they're still in the foster care system. 

   Another thing is that some women are put at risk. If a child has the potential to kill its carrier, it should be the woman's decision. They should make the choice of either taking the risk and having the child or ending it before any damage is done. Also, if it is discovered that a baby has a condition or disease that will decrease its chances in surviving, the woman should have the first choice. If she doesn't want the child to suffer and wants to abort it, she should have the right to do that.