Clayton W Iowa

School Lunches are Terrible

School lunches are terrible, and I want change.

Dear Future President,

It seems like everyday I don't get enough for lunch. Sometimes it’s that there just isn’t enough food there. Other times the food isn’t appetizing at all. Most kids around the country have the same problem I do, and they are hungry the rest of the day and have to go through their afterschool activities hungry. So future president, will you please loosen up on the regulations for school lunches.

If students don’t get enough food to eat it can have several detrimental effects. One of these, for example, is that their focus is off. It’s hard for students to sit in a classroom and remember and pay attention to what they are learning if they are hungry. For me personally, if I'm hungry in class my mind goes blank. All I’m thinking about is when I can eat again, and how hungry I am. It also kind of makes me want to deport to France. According to “What's for Lunch? A Look At What Schools Around the World Are Dishing Up” by Brooke Ross, in France students get a four course meal, which usually consists of some meat, vegetables, a cheese course, and a dessert. That sounds a lot better than what I’m usually getting.

There is one main cause to this problem, and that is the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. According to Edward Lovett, this act made it so that high school cafeterias must serve twice as many fruits and vegetables as before, they must limit proteins and carbohydrates, and they must serve lunches containing 750 to 850 calories. This should be enough food for kids, but the quality is terrible. It’s always the same old nasty, heated up, processed crap. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t find those qualities in food very appetizing.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was installed in 2010 by President Obama. It was a big focus point for the First Lady, Michelle Obama, when she first joined the office. It was put into place so that kids could live a happy healthy life. It was also put into place so that kids could get their lunches easier if they were struggling for money. The act, in my opinion, had a great concept, but I feel it was executed poorly. It really cut down on schools choices for lunches, and made it harder for them to make creative and new lunches for kids. For example, According to “Photos of Schools Lunches From Across the World Will Make Kids Want to Study Abroad” an average U.S. lunch has; some sort of meat, fruit, vegetables, a desert, some form of carbs, and milk. It’s hard for schools to get affordable and creative lunches with these requirements.

In conclusion our school lunches need changing. Students can’t function one hundred percent if they are hungry. Their concentration will be off and they won’t be able to focus as well as they could. Also it just isn’t healthy to be hungry all the time. So Mr./Mrs. President. Will you do something to help your country's young-ones, or will you let us keep suffering.

Yours sincerely,

Clayton Wright