Owen E. Ohio

Time #2 make Amendments?

Gun production in America and other countries. Mental testing that should be required upon all who seek a weapon. The types of weaponry that should be usable by U.S. citizens.

Dear Next President:

“To conquer a nation first disarm it’s citizens,” Adolf Hitler.

     Large gangs get their guns from out of the country and good people who live in bad places need guns to defend themselves and it is an amendment to bare arms. People will look to gangs for guns because they will not feel secure and it’s not safe to buy something from them. People will not have protective weaponry. Lots of innocent people will either be forced to live without protection or buy firearms illegally. If they’re forced to buy illegal guns and they know they could be killing someone, why would they not get heavier weaponry since that would be sold illegally. In the other countries, and even in our own, gun production can happen by someone turning a blind eye, the ones who check for cargo on types of transportation should be looked at closely. 

     Criminal records and mental stability are things to look for when someone is to receive and weapon. Criminals will have connections and limiting where they can get weapons is good. Some people have not committed any crimes but might be willing to, mental stability should be tested before someone is to receive a gun. Our world could be a lot safer if we had a, “yes,” and, “no,” type policy to whether someone should be eligible to receive a firearm. Not all criminals are mentally unstable and not everyone who has mental disabilities is a criminal but more often than not they can go hand-in-hand. 

     There is a fine line between weapons meant for defense or protection and weapons police, FBI, CIA, or other governmental defense agencies use to attack and take down gangs. Some gangs have militaristic levels of weaponry or police like firearms, even for hunting purposes, these should not be sold or obtainable because with that level of power, no one would be able to stand in their way. If citizens cannot obtain assault weapons, then neither can gangs as long as they do not have someone to hijack weapons for them, which should require some security checks one the ones in our government handling the guns. These, “assault,” type of weapons fall under a very broad category but anything besides a hunting rifle, meant for hunting which should have a license, and defensive pistols meant for in home and property protection should not be allowed.

Sincerely, Owen

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