Haylee R. Iowa

Food Stamps

The misuse of food stamps should be stopped.

Dear Elected President,

Congratulations on being Elected President, I hope you have good and rewarding term. I am contacting you to share my thoughts and opinions about the topic of food stamps. I hope you take the time to review my writing and out my thoughts into consideration.

According to https://www.brookings.edu/research/food-stamps-and-welfare-reform/ a typical month in 2001 17.3 million people in 7.5 million households received food stamps at an annual cost of $20 billion. That is a very large amount of people using money that we are giving through our taxes.

In my personal opinion, not all of those 17.3 million of those people deserve to receive welfare and food stamps. Not all, but many, people could fend for themselves and find the money to pay for their groceries or their clothing. I believe that the people who go out and work or try to find jobs and make money and support themselves but can’t deserve to receive that extra amount of money or pay. The people that don’t try to make money and don’t try to support themselves do not need to get the money. Some people spend the money that they should be using for food and shelter on drugs or alcohol; unnecessary items and useless stuff.

I believe that we need to make a change on who gets the extra pay and help. We need to find the people who are willing to work and try to pay for their stuff, and not help the people who are just living off the state because they can. I hope that you found this to be helpful and take all my thoughts into consideration.