Cameron C. Kentucky

Gun Control

Gun control is an issue that matters to me. It needs to be addressed soon because it is getting out of hand.have you ever stopped to think about the families with family members being taken from them with guns?

Dear  Future President,

I am writing to you concerning the matters of gun control. Lots of people die because a gun has fallen into the wrong hands. Deaths could be prevented if there was a stricter hand grabbing hold of gun policies. Have you ever thought about the families who have had to live through this, and may have even had a family member taken from them? I believe in keeping the second amendment alive while still doing something about the safety of Americans.

People should keep track of their gun usage. Writing down how often they are used, and making sure that their weapon is in good shape.if the government knew how often it was being used, and what it was used for, it might discourage shootings. People would know that the government has access to this  information. Even if the shootings don't stop, there will probably be less of them.

Gun shop should keep track of who they sell to. They should be able to easily who they sold to, an when. There should be  punishment if the information is inapplicable.  If a government official wee to look into a case, they should be able to easily access that information. Keeping track of this would mean a lot less headaches for those who need information.

Guns should be locked up. Whether it's in a persons home, or in a  gun shop, the gun should be locked up. With a good quality lock, too. Honestly, I think it should be with a combination lock. Specifically this because it is easier for a criminal to pick a lock or find a key, than it is to guess a combination. The gun should not be out in the open, and I think that there should be something emphasizing this because it is important.

Those are three reasons as to how gun control can be enforced. People should have to keep track o gun usage. Gun shops should keep track of who they sell to. Guns should be locked up. Three simple reasons. Gun control is important to me, and I think that these things should be enforced.


Cameron C.


Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

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