Marilyn C. Iowa

Gun Control: There’s A Thin Line Between Self-Defense and Deadly Force

Gun Control should be enforced and protected more than it is.

Dear President,

Guns have been a recent trigger topic, mainly since the shootings are still fresh in everyone’s mind. Considering all the shootings that’s been going on, you’d think authority figures would put more security on them? Depending on which state you live in, research shows that a lot of states are more strict with voting than they are with purchasing guns. In 2015 alone, officers intercepted about 3,000 guns from carry-on bags at security airports. It’s 20 percent more than previous years. While guns are a basic American right, they should have more security and background checks on people who’s interested in owning a gun and a justifiable reason for owning a gun.

The first main reason why gun control should be more inforced by the law is because without there being restrictions, any person can acquire a gun. Not having more restrictions on these harmful objects, they can get into the hands of criminals, mentally ill, and even young adolescents. If we had stricter gun laws, then maybe mass shootings could potentially dwindle down substantially.

Another reason why I feel like Americans should have gun control is because of safety. While some people need a gun to make them feel safer, other Americans would feel safer if they knew the guns were in the right hands. It can make people jittery and nervous, especially since 13 state have an open carry law. Who knows what that person can do with a gun at any second? Are they mentally stable for owning a gun? Without gun control, we would never know who is reliable for owning a gun.

Some people may argue that they need a gun to feel safe, which is understandable. People go through different events in life and may need that extra feeling of security with them, knowing they have a way to protect themselves in case of danger. While some people may have ill-intentions for their legally acquired gun, others have a perfectly justifiable reason for owning their weapon. Other people argue that even if gun control is enforced, if someone wants a gun badly then they can illegally obtain one. On the contrary, if gun laws for more prominent, than authority figures would make sure the gun owners have a safe for the gun. This can be implemented by random check-ups and inspections.

Overall, gun control should have more protection. Right now, they’re a little too lenient on who they sell guns too. Gun control is necessary for the safety for our nation. Without gun control, it’s too easy for a gun to get in the wrong hands.