Riley Iowa

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse happens every day in America. We need to try to put an end to this.

Dear Future President,

Animal abuse is happening everywhere in America and it's happening every day. Even though there is a law against it. Well, we need to start standing up for them and putting an end to animal abuse. There are multiple ways to stop this. The first thing we can do is report any animal abuse that we see. It's not that hard and it's the biggest and main thing we can do about it. Second, we can teach our children to respect all animals. Children learn how to treat animals from the adults in their life. We need to be a role model and show them that it's not okay to hurt and neglect animals.  Another way is to volunteer at an animal shelter.  Last but not least you can go out and support things that promote animal kindness. The reason I'm talking about this subject and the reason you should care is because thousands of animals every day are getting hurt. I mean, half of the fur that we get comes from China. You wanna know how they get that fur in China? They skin animals ALIVE! All of those animals end up dying because they bled to death. You probably didn't know this though because Chine mislabels their products. See, now animal abuse actually affects the world as well. Because since people keep killing and abusing animals, we're losing animals. For example, Puppy Mills are meant to make more dogs and puppies but actually, in most puppy mills, the dogs die because they are kept in such bad conditions. So it's not even really doing anything. Animals can't talk so we need to be their voice. 

So, I want to talk to about who this affects and how it affects them. Everybody is actually affected but children are affected the most. You can go to jail if you get caught abusing animals so that's how everyone is affected. But as I stated earlier, children are more affected by animal abuse because, if they see an animal getting abused then they're gonna want to abuse animals as well and later on in life they might even have abusive relationships. There is proof of this even. There was a survey that people took and they took children that had witnessed animal abuse and watched what happened as they grew up. The children that witnessed animal abuse grew up and as predicted, abused animals and even other people.