Ryan B. Pennsylvania

Protests in Sports

Letter to President, Vietnam War, Hatboro-Horsham,

Dear Future President of the United States,

As a citizen of the United States of America, I witness people trying to make a stand in our world on television and even sometimes in person. Even before I could actually realize, acts of protest were being held by people such as Carlos Delgado, Muhammad Ali and Olympic athletes Tommie, Smith and John Carlos. Smith and Carlos took a stand for the black culture by doing the Black Power Salute. Some of these protests I believe in, but some I do not. I do not appreciate Colin Kaepernick’s idea to sit during the national anthem, but I don’t necessarily disagree with his reasoning to why he is sitting.  I don’t appreciate his choice of protest because there are soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for the freedom of the people and that is how Kaepernick uses it. He is not only disrespecting The United States, but the soldiers who lost their lives defending it.

One protest that I specifically liked was Muhammed Ali’s protest of the Vietnam War. I believe war is a terrible thing and there are ways to avoid it but it doesn’t come easy. There are ways to negotiate treaties and ways to avoid war. The United States had no place in that part of the world and did not need to be involved in that controversy. Ali stated, “man I ain’t got no quarrel with no Viet Cong… ain’t no Viet Cong call me an n****r”, as his reasoning to not enlist in the draft for the war. I think he was right because Americans at the time had no place in that part of the world or some of the problems going on there. There are some problems in our world that The United States don’t need to get involved with, and those were one of them. That problem led to a vicious war and to many deaths of American Soldiers. The United States should not get involved in Wars that do not involve them.

There are many problems in our society, but war is one I feel strong about and I believe that if war can be avoided, it should 100% be avoided. Soldiers losing their lives is devastating, but soldiers losing their lives for no reason is wrong. I support Ali’s voice and protest of not enlisting in the draft even though he got in trouble for it and it nearly ended his boxing career. For the future president of The United States, I hope he avoids situations like that so a huge crisis like the Vietnam War doesn’t occur again.