Amanda M.

Transgender Bathroom Law

In this letter to the next president I discuss how transgenders should be able to use their preferred bathroom.

Dear Future President,

Imagine if you had to do thing that didn’t make you feel like you because to others you being yourself isn’t normal. Many transgenders feel that way every day. Some are so scared they don’t come out until they realize that what the world thinks doesn’t matter for them to be alive. Then there are the ones who are just sacred people won’t want to be their friend because they are transgender. This is a big issue, not only affecting them but the families of them and the people who care about everyone having equal rights. We can start making this issue smaller by simply letting them use their preferred bathrooms.

Ever since trans people have been coming out there has been an uprising of problems with trans people using their preferred bathroom. “The law bans transgenders people from using bathrooms that don’t match the gender on their birth certificate.” (Washington Post, Paragraph 2) When they passed this law many did agree but there were a lot of people who were not pleased with the law. The law not only affects the transgenders but their families. It also affects the many people in the world that care for people to be equal in every way shape or form. This is a big issue in America because we are all about having equal rights and being free but not letting transgenders use their preferred bathrooms isn’t making them seem free or equal. The whole reason we are the country of the free is because the people before us fought for our freedom and to be equal. Just like a non-transgender is born without the basic knowledge of how to count so were transgenders. We were all born the same, we are all people and that is how we should be treated no matter what.

There are states and schools in the country that don’t have that law and let their people use whatever bathroom they want. Donald Trump has stated in an interview “I think that local communities and states should make the decision and I feel very strongly about that. The federal government should not be involved.” (Fox News Interview) I disagree with him saying that the federal government should not be involved because they clearly are involved with passing the law banning transgenders from using their preferred bathrooms. What I am trying to say is please make this issue no more, me as a non-transgender am deeply offended by this situation.


Amanda Medina

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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