Emelin T. Pennsylvania

Pollice Brutality

How police brutality is causing harm to us and it can affect more innocent people.

September 26,2016

Dear Next President:

Imagine you’re driving and out of nowhere you get stopped by a white police,He starts screaming at you and pulling you out the car.For no reason even though you didn’t do anything wrong.

Many victims of police brutality are getting killed and mistreated,For no reason simply because polices feel like violence is the solution for everything.With the amount of people getting killed over the last 3-5 years police brutality have caused a lot of pain to their victims, the solution to stop all this is to stop police brutality and probably have more cameras in the streets.

In 2014 1,106 people were killed by American police.2015 is likely to be the deadliest year ever measured at the hands of American police.For every 1,000 people killed by police,only one officer is convicted.Victims of police brutality is affected because it hurts them physical and psychological.Police brutality is important because it makes the community look bad also makes police look horrible.Also because more and more people are getting killed/hurt.

Some solutions that already exist is that they already have a lot of cameras in the streets also sometimes they make police pay for what they did.Something else that can be done is Fire them or make them pay for all the damage they done.Please stop all the harm police brutality is causing to us..Make them pay for all the damage they did/have done.Help all the victims that have already gone through police brutality and stop it before it spreads even more and affects more innocent people.


Emelin Tejada