Sydney O. Connecticut

Girls/Women Empowerment

We need to empower women who think of themselves as lower than others, and create confidence in them so they can achieve their full potential.

Dear Future President,

I hope that as the president of the United States, you care about the rights and feelings of all people. I feel really strongly about the topic of women's empowerment because a large part of the US population struggles with this problem. Even though there has been progress from past decades with women's rights there is still more to come. We need to make sure that the next generation doesn't have to deal with the standards that are put on girls these days. Girls are under the standard that they need to be “girly” or “skinny” or “perfect”. There should not be any standards not matter how harsh they are.

The reason that women are self conscious of themselves is because of the way they are treated as girls. Starting at a young age girls have heard phrases that were said to them that are against them. Some are “you throw like a girl, or you run like a girl.” From such a young age girls have been insulted and looked down upon, when they shouldn't be. From that time, they have thought that men were above them in everything. Boys often told girls that they couldn't play sports with them or against them cause boys were always better. In my town there was a girl who joined the boys football team. That was what everyone was talking about. It showed that she was confident and wanted to show that girls can do anything that boys can. Studies show that the top 3 benefits of girls playing sports are gaining teamwork, learning leadership skills, and increasing confidence.

For years women are constantly put under the standards of being perfect and acting a certain way. All we see on the news are models that are “perfect.” These are being shown to girls at a really young age. Younger girls are supposed to learn about confidence. Women want to be taught on how to reach their full potential in order to be successful. They don't want to look in the mirror, and says thing that aren't positive about themselves. You want to look in the mirror and smile. You want to empower girls so they can be accomplished when they are older. We don’t want women to feel that they aren't as good as others.

I have not heard of many men who stand up for girls and educate others on how important it is for girls to be powerful. One lady that I look up to for this is Michelle Obama. Michelle and Kelly Clarkson team up for a new female empowerment anthem. It is a song called “This is for my girls”. Another thing other than the powerful lyrics that are beneficial is that the proceeds will go to the white house's female education initiative. One lyric that is included in this song is  “stand strong together. I feel like that is one of the most powerful phrases in the song. It shows that no matter what happens throughout your life always stay strong.

Some people don’t even know that this is a problem. Some girls keep it a secret that they are insecure and they hide it from others. Women around the world need to be confident about themselves. In order to boost women's self esteem we need to decrease the amount of standards that are made as a result of models we have in America. If they are not confident, we need to find a way so they don’t feel bad about themselves are are thought of as bellow others.



Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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