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Climate Change Reform & Policy

Climate change needs to be addressed in a way that get's everyone's attention from a scientific perspective, not purely politically based.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing this letter to you to help you go about addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Scientifically, climate change is defined as “the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth”. Better put- it’s the problem that the earth is getting hotter because of human industrialization. I want to write this letter because I want to help you attack & solve climate change in the most affordable and agreeable way possible. I want to both educate others reading this (including yourself) and convince them that, while there are other perspectives to view climate change in, that attacking this issue as a universal political subject will be best.

Before you consider this, let me present my counterpoints. Many underdeveloped countries believe that climate change was create by developed countries and therefore should be fixed by those countries. Least developed countries (LDCs) say that they were not contributors to the rise in climate change and its aftermath but still have to pay the price the rest of the world does. Making It magazine even claims that they are the countries/ areas that face the harshest consequences, because they don't have enough government resources to address the issue properly. For example, if your country is considered a LDC, then it most likely has a smaller population, which means you are collecting a smaller amount of taxpayer dollars. That money is vital to your government, since you don’t have that much money to use. So why spend it on something you’re not even doing? I think it’s fair to make climate change more of a global concern so countries like I described can avoid their ineffectual spending of significant taxpayer dollars. This counterpoint reflects on the big picture of climate change and how it affects all kinds of areas- geographically, economically, and socially. This point should be addressed because what more developed countries do about this issue sets a standard for LDCs. More developed countries can teach LDCs how to properly disperse their money while effectively taking action on climate change. Through this, climate change can be acted upon universally and address problems specific to a country’s region or cause for global warming, increased natural disasters, excess emission of greenhouse gases, or whatever is relevant to them.

My next counterpoint goes into the depths of climate change as a science. When thought about, many citizens just think that the earth is getting warmer and often do not tend to think why or how it can be prevented. The Union of Concerned Scientists has proven that an increased use in fossil fuels past the industrial revolution has had a lot more behind it than the repeating over circulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Yes, this does lead to the emission of greenhouse gases and increases the temperature of the earth about two degrees Celsius every year. But it can also prove that this over circulation can make people in coastal areas more vulnerable to hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters. While this many only affect a few million people in America, many fail to notice what it can do to our nation.

I hope you take into consideration of this dire situation we have put our world and future generations in. Climate change is a serious issue and needs to be addressed to evoke not only emotion but reaction towards a better future. With your help, future President, this nation can help the rest of the world take universal action in taking part to resolve one of the world’s biggest problems and set an example for our nation’s future on how to lead beyond strictly political diffusion issues.



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