Caity D. Michigan

Why we need equalism

Why America needs more equality and how to fix it

Dear future president,

America is supposed to be a country with equality. They say everyone is equal, that we’re all the same underneath. If this is true, why does racism and sexism still exist? Why are people still being discriminated based on gender, race and ethnicity? And some people can’t even stand the fact that same-sex marriage is now legal. Things like this need to be ended. But we shouldn’t be supporting just one thing, like feminism, we should be supporting it all. Not just that women are equal to men but that everyone is equal. We need to be promoting equalism because everyone is equal and no one deserves to be known as a minority.

So, let’s talk about racial equality. You may think that this has already been fixed, but you must know that it’s not. People are still being discriminated based on the color of their skin. For example, a few years ago the Commision for Racial Equality, or CRE, was doing the exact opposite of what they should have been doing. An article called “Poor HR leads to race claims from CRE staff” published by Personnel Today, it talks about the incident, here’s what it said, “More than 22 policies were deemed to require such an assessment, meaning the CRE had 0% compliance with Race Equality Duty.” They were supposed to assess over 22 policies, this is not some weird accident, this is major race discrimination. People can’t just get away with this kind of stuff. This is why we need equalism.

Now, we have immigrants. This one is tricky because no one wants terrorist, but immigrants are good for our country. So many people talk about and discriminate against immigrants like they are all illegal and as if none of them contribute to America. Instead of focusing on illegal immigrants we need to be welcoming immigrants that can help the US succeed. In an article titled, “wrong debate on immigration” published by Newsmax it says, “this nation has been caught up in the wrong debate. It shouldn’t be about punishing current illegal immigrants, it should be about attracting highly educated and skilled immigrants who want to devote their carriers to furthering American innovation.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. As I said before, no one wants terrorists, but we can’t just ban immigrants all together because they are different from us. We need them and that fact needs to be accepted. This is why we need equalism.

And we’ll also talk about misandry (prejudice against men) and misogyny (prejudice against women). A while ago many women, including myself, classified themselves as feminists, but then some of those feminists started going way over board saying crazy things like “even if she consents, it’s still rape.” And after that many women, again including me, stopped saying they were a feminist because they didn’t want people thinking they were the crazy misandry type. Now, we all know that there are some men who are bad and who might sexually assault you in some way, but that doesn’t mean all men are that way. There is an article called “A Bookshelf of Wounded Man Hood” published by Philadelphia Inquirer and it talks about how some so called “feminists” are very misandrist and how it’s not right, it says, “Some women don’t just want equality. They want it all. Once-proud american males are being made into demonized second-class citizens.” Now I’m all on board for being equal, which you’ve probably picked up on by now, but I don’t want to be superior to anyone. And again, I know some people out there are bad people, but as for both men and women who respect the opposite gender, they deserve to be treated with equality. This is why we need equalism.

So, future president, do you see now why this is a problem? Do you understand that America is still not completely equal? Do you get that all these things are why equalism is needed? If not, read this again and again until you do. We need to fix this, and we can’t stop until it is fixed. Thank you for reading this and hopefully understanding.


Caity Dooling