Cassie G. Indiana


How abortion should be left out of government.

Dear Mr. President, 

I know that some people are against abortion and that is okay, but the debate on whether it should be allowed or not should not be up to the government. This is a very opinionated topic and I believe that this should not be a worry to anyone, but the women that wants to have one and the dad of the baby. We all have the right to speak what is on our minds because of the first amendment, but no one should bash the women who are not ready to have a baby. 

Everyone makes mistakes, so we should be able to do erase those mistakes and start from scratch. Not everyone makes the choice to become pregnant, maybe they do not want to be reminded of their mistake everyday for the rest of their life. Although abortion is a major topic in today's society and frowned upon by many, I am more than sure that if your daughter or some lady close to you became pregnant at a young age you or even she would not want the baby with her being so young. Everyone can talk all they want about how it is not right or talk trash about those who have abortions, but if it happened in their life I'm sure their opinion would change. It's their choice to have that on their minds for the rest of their life.