Jada H. Michigan

Educational System in America

Our next president should look at our current educational system, and reconsider the way that we test students on their capability to complete a task, and the way we teach our next generation. Let's make school about learning again!

Jada Hudgins


AP Lang

Letter to the Future President

27 September 2016

Dear Future President,

I am honored to be writing to you. You are officially the commander and chief of one of the greatest nations on the planet. America has been looked to for solutions to almost every problem in the book, and while we often rush to solve other countries’ issues, we often fail to address some of our own. I believe that a major issue in our country is the education system.

According to a survey done in 2008 by Why Science, 45 percent of students have considered dropping out because they did not see the value in the work that they were asked to do. A major problem with our education system is that we crowd our students’ minds with so much unnecessary information. Not many of our teachers can look at us and say that what they are making us memorize, will every be used in our day to day lives. We are being taught only to measure up to the 100% on a test paper, but how many of us can go out into the world today and truly be able to do a job well?

Another issue is the standardized testing that students are expected to complete. The testing is continually growing, and the idea that we are only learning to do well on a test is more prevalent than ever. Every brain is not the same. Students don’t learn the same way or at the same pace. Expecting every single person to be able to excel at the exact same test is unrealistic and not a successful method to teach the future of our country.

In order for us to continuously grow as a nation, I believe that we should look into less standardized testing, and start putting kids into situations and asking them to complete a hands on task. This will not only teach them to have more hands on experience, but will also start opening minds up to new ways to get things done! College graduates will no longer go to employers not knowing how to handle situations that are thrown at them.

I believe that this nation is filled with so many brilliant minds. We have the capability to go further into space, play with time, and create a world that is truly “futuristic”. It is time for us to stop setting limits on our knowledge and education. Give the kids a chance to excel, and they will go far beyond your expectations.

Avondale High School

AP Lang

Rick Kreinbring's 2016-17 AP Language and Composition students

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