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Radical Feminism and The Wage Gap

The idea of feminism should be changed, not completely abolished. Radical feminists should stop stereotyping men and focus on political and economic issues.

Dear next President of the United States,

Equality between both genders has been arduous to deal with. Radical feminists believe they are helping fix the problem, yet they’re essentially making it worse. The clear differences from radical feminists and feminism itself are that radical feminists seem to be militant and combative. states that the definition of feminism is, “The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” Therefore, real feminism isn’t fighting for women dominance over men, it should be fighting for equal rights between both men and women.

Radical feminists berate men’s social normality, rather than focusing on political issues. This is closely related to extremism in the sense that their views are biased and strong. They denounce men’s public behaviors. Some radical feminists even criticise men over the way they sit on subways or buses. Social hierarchy is also a factor in radical feminism. They want to change others thoughts of women or stereotypes.

Feminists need to be focusing on political and economic issues instead. Take the wage gap for example. The IWPR states that “The wage gap between working men and women will not close until the year 2057.” They are slowly making progress on fixing this issue. When the Equal Pay Act was signed, women made 58 cents to every dollar men earned. This has increased, but should be fully closed quicker.

It’s also more common for men to be presidents or CEOs of companies. I do believe that men can be good leaders and work well, although sometimes when they have the power to pay people, it can be easy for them to be tempted to lower the amount of money each person gets. I don’t think that men should get paid less than women; they should both get paid equally if they do the same amount of work at the same job.

Women and men should gain rights depending on the needs of either gender. Men shouldn’t get less rights, and women shouldn’t get more rights than men. I believe that you can help, by stating the problem. If we don’t address the problem, how will it help or fix it? We should focus on these economic differences between genders, and quit being biased on either side. Women aren’t greater than men, and men aren’t greater than women.

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