Brooklyn J. Alabama

Gender Wage Gap Concerns.

Gender Wage Gap is a concern to many to this day. Women, of all race, are still paid less due to their gender. Women could work the same job a man does, but despite her gender, she is still paid less. The question is why? More detailed information in my letter.

Dear Future President,

I am concerned about the Gender Pay Gap. Forbes Magazine states, "Women are still paid less than men- even in the same job." My question to this, is why? Why pay a woman less for doing the same job a man does. She is eligible just as much as a man, and even does the same work he does, so why does he deserve more money than her? It is a fact that women lose around ten thousand dollars per year due to the gender pay gap.

Also, Forbes Magazine reported that women, who work the same job and position as a man, are paid only seventy-six percent of what a man makes. NWLC, the National Women’s Law Center, are advocating for Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. This would make it easier for women to combat wage discrimination, keep businesses from punishing their employees for discussing their pay, and make sure victims of wage discrimination are compensated. This is a very big deal, and yes the pay for women has gotten better with time, but we still have quite a bit of work to do before it is all fair. I would like to encourage you to make a change. Women have the highest percentage of low-wage jobs – a full two-thirds of minimum-wage workers are women. Raising the minimum wage is another issue that would have a huge impact on the wage gap concern.

In 2014, Forbes stated that the average earning for a woman was $39,621. A man who had the same job and workforce area was paid $50,383. That is $10,762 of a gap that a woman has lost due to the wage gap. This shows women receiving only 78.6% of the man’s earnings. That is also 21.4% of a wage gap lost for women.

My question to you, Future President, is how will you handle this issue? What action will you take to make the wage gap fair for women? This is not only one issue to all women. This is an issue due to race as well. African American women make $21,937 less in a year. That is 39.5% of a wage gap in 2014. Latina Women lose $25,177 in one year compared to a man. That is 45.4% of a wage gap. Forbes updated this information from the year of 2014 to present day.

My concern for this issue only grows. I feel as a young woman, we are being punished. It is unfair to us that we can work the same job and do the exact same things a man does, but we are paid less due to our gender. One day, I would like to have a job in law. Due to the gender wage gap, I would only be paid 77% of what a man would make. To me, that is very unfair. That makes my career choice become questionable as to if it is really worth it. I hope you understand from my point of view, and have just as much concern as I do. I ask for your help to take action with us women, and make a change!

Thank you for your time,

Brooklyn J.

Oxford High School

2nd Period

11 grade Honors English

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