Noah S. Michigan

Legalization of Marijuana

A letter explaining some of the views on marijuana legalization and the writer's opinion after research

Noah S.

Letter to the President

Marijuana has a long history of use and discrimination in the United States. Now, in present day America people fight for marijuana legalization. This once counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s has turned into a rights movement. In “A History of Marijuana in America” marijuana/cannabis was used during the 18th and 19 century. According to this article, “Irish doctor William O’Shaughnessy popularized its medicinal uses by prescribing the drug as a treatment for nausea due to illnesses like cholera and tetanus.” In fact marijuana was not criminalized until the Harrison Act of 1914. Since then the criminalization of marijuana has continued.

Although marijuana is illegal people continue to use it to make large profits, creating a new economical benefit. Ever since legalized in several states , both recreational and medicinal use, a new enterprise has risen. Many people believe that what is called the “cannabusiness” will make a incredible change in the economy. In “Pinpointing Pot’s Boost to Tax Revenue: Bans, Moratoriums Throw off Initial Revenue Estimates from Pot Sales” a study was conducted to determine marijuana’s (pot’s) tax revenue. In the study, Washington in 2013, “the state collected about $2.5 million from medical marijuana dispensaries from sales and business-and-occupation taxes.” This amount of money, just from tax revenues alone, would mean a giant economical improvement if every state allows marijuana use. This would lead to more jobs in America and more fields for people to go into such as agriculture, science, and entrepreneurship all based around marijuana.

While others fight for legalization many still believe that marijuana should remain illegal. Like all drugs there are known to be side effects and marijuana is no exception. Testing has led to debate whether it should be legalized even for medical use. Evidence shows that marijuana has negative effects. Examples of these effects are shown in “Marijuana should be illegal until more questions are answered,” The article states that marijuana can lead to effects such as lung damage, weakened immune system, and changes in brain structure. These kind of effects could lead to more community and health problems with some users. This possibility could lead to more work for government and health organizations.

After researching this topic I believe that marijuana should be for recreational purposes and I want the president to understand why. I believe that profit from marijuana and it’s tax revenues would help the country with its crippling debt and economical issue. Also, though while people argue the marijuana has negative effects on our bodies, when compared to already legal drugs they effects are quite minor. Some examples are tobacco which cause lung cancer/damage and alcohol that causes brain and liver damage. To add on, both of these drugs are physically addictive unlike marijuana. The benefits of legalized marijuana would include new medicinal uses, more jobs, and help with our economy. This is why marijuana should be legalized for recreational and medical purposes.  

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