seth Michigan

Loss of Homes

Its about the taxes and the people trying to make the world a better place.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

People who are spending too much money on taxes and bills are losing their homes, and then they lose their pets. We need to do something to help people by getting taxes lowered. People are taxed at different tax rates and some of them are not fair. So we need to help people in lowering taxes like in income taxes and property taxes.

If you help us in saving people money, people would like that. A lot of money could go to help the poor and for animals. We can get back on track and people will know their rights and feel like they are taking the country back from so much government where the money is not being used to help people in their lives for their pets and things that are important to them.

Also, we are trying to get more money for saving animals so we can get the country back on track, and make people want to help us also. When we have to pay taxes, we lose more money and we can’t do anything about the animals that have ran away from homes. Some are rescued and picked up to the vet, and treated like a pet but we can’t always do that.

We can find animals, but it isn’t as easy as finding toys though. It had to do with starvation,and other things like not treating them good. We could make people healthier if we work on helping them get better. If we work on helping them, we could make anything that would help us stronger and make more money.

Other people that are around the world are unable to help other people, because they are have trouble on doing work for other members of the world. They lose money every time the government makes them pay bills and taxes.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. It would mean a lot to me that you will consider helping many people in lowering their taxes so that more money can go to helping people care for their pets and a lot of other important things people do.


Seth Ramsey