Brianna M. Michigan

Dear Future President

The recent problem in immigration in the United States is rising fast. As for this, it’s causing many questions that need answers. The rise in the illegal immigrants is leaving many homeless, jobless, and even broke. The crisis is driving people crazy from losing their jobs to going homeless. This is worse than in some countries. The United States is the top country holding illegal immigrants. To hear about the many solutions I have in mind, read the rest of the letter below.

For one of the solutions, you should increase the border’s security. With the amount of security surrounding now (20,000) should be doubled. With this, barely any immigrants would have a chance to pass by without being spotted. Also along with this topic, there should be more agents patrolling at a time. As for another thing, the border should be reinforced with the same type of material or a stronger material, something like steel.

For the last solution, the states that experienced illegal immigration should make their own laws on immigration. Since the southwestern states have the most immigration activity, they should be allowed to make the laws about it. With this, each of the states can have their own opinion on what they want to do. Some of the laws may be approved of or they can just be denied. To be sure of them, they should be tested against them.

With the idea of increasing border security has its pros and cons. With the pros, you’ll be able to catch more immigrants that are trying to pass through or “escape” their original country. Then, with the cons, you’ll have to recruit the agents willing to stand out along the border. With the other idea, letting the states that have experienced illegal immigration could trouble the illegal immigrants. I say this because everytime they get “found out” they’ll have to move to a different state, not knowing the changes in the laws.

To conclude, with the many (two) solutions I have given may or may not tear apart our home country. Whether it does or not, we are the United States.


Brianna Mikesell

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

This group is for 8th Grade Social Studies students at Ithaca Junior High, specifically 5th Hour.

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