Lexa J. Texas

LGBT Rights

LGBT Rights and why you should try and help the lgbt community.

Dear President,

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. Lgbt rights are extremely important to both me and millions of others. Thousands of teens and even some adults are harassed for being in the lgbt community. Because of this people in the lgbt community are more likely to commit suicide. It is a scientific fact that 90 percent of teens in the lgbt community are likely to commit suicide due to bullying and harassment. Because of this I believe that you should at least attempt to improve the rights for the lgbt community.

As a person who was bullied for being a part of the lgbt community I truly know what it is like too feel like no one cares, and it's not a good feeling. I was constantly called names and pushed down in the halls, and even hit for this. It is unfair that people do this because of someone liking the same gender or becoming another gender. That is there thing. If they chose to become another gender then deal with it. It's not your concern. As for lesbians , gays, and bisexuals they don't always have that choice. Most people are born with it.This is a scientific graph. America

has a lot more bullying issues than other places. That is something that you as the president need too try and change

Please at least try too and help the Lgbt community in any way you can. Help stop the suicides and the bullying and the abuse. Do you really think that is okay?

Thank you,


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