Jy Z. New York

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We are the people and we are the change.

Dear President of the United States,

As an ally of LGBT community, I’ve felt uncomfortable to talk about how much I care about this issue in the government class. Our teacher asked us to choose an issue in today’s world and share it with a partner, I said my issue was LGBT Rights and my partner show his shocked look to me and repeated my issue surprisingly to me. “Why did you chose LGBT? You want to be a lesbian?” Suddenly I’m not in the mood to talk about this issue anymore. I think people are not educated enough to show respect to everyone. They can spit out words like equality confidently, but they won’t stop judging someone that is different from them. It is clear that some people still treat LGBT community differently because it’s obvious for people to judge the outsiders than accepting them.

People should be open minded to accept what’s happening in the world right now because we are changing for better. Top tech companies that are most successful and wealthy like Apple and Google are supporting gay rights. "Apple marches in the annual San Francisco Pride parade and Google has its Legalize Love campaign." This is motivating people because tech companies are playing ahead, and people like to get ahead, so young teenagers are more likely to get involved in supporting LGBT community. Along the same line, the Justice Department think North Carolina’s bathroom access law violates the civil rights of transgender people. This means in North Carolina, transgender people can only use the public bathrooms, showers and changing rooms according to the sex on their birth certificate, but the Justice Department stands up for the LGBT community to against this law. Although more and more people became supporters, there is still haters. One big massacre happened at a gay dance club in Florida, a gunman killed 50 people and wounded 53. This tragedy does not only appears to the LGBT community, but also to Islamic State because the shooter said he carried out the attack on behalf of the Islamic State. This increase people’s fear of Islamic people, and innocent Islamic people will get affected.

LGBT community is left out by the society because most people like to get close with someone who is similar to them. But it doesn’t mean we can’t change, younger students should be educated about LGBT issue because as they growing up, their knowledge might let LGBT people feel included and comfortable in anywhere they are. Our president should solve this issue as soon as possible because, from the attack on Florida’s gay club, Congress has not taken action to stop shootings from happening. This means we have not lived under the U.S. Constitution that “that all men are created equal.”




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Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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