Mackenzie K. Michigan


Abortion is a very controversial topic in today's society, but does it need to be?

Dear Future President,

As you know, in America today, abortion is a very well known and controversial topic. There’s two main supporting sides; pro-choice and pro-life, each having very strong voices on what they think is morally correct and right for women. Pro-life supporters believe that abortion is murder, and since majority of pro-life supporters are apart of Christianity, they say life should begin at conception, and be celebrated until death. Many pro-life supporters may use the term, “womb to tomb,” to summarize their beliefs. Pro-choice on the other hand has many thoughts and ideas more complex than being abortion is murder and not morally correct. Pro-choice supporters views can vary, since leaving it up to the woman and the circumstance she may be in is the best way to summarize their standpoint. This is the standpoint and side that I personally side with. Think about it this way; do we really want our country filled with inexperienced, immature and not capable mothers parenting our country’s children?

Both sides of people on the topic take their views seriously and have no doubt in their mind that they are correct. But what about the thought of, “the land of the free?” If we are free, including women, who should have the right to tell us we cannot abort our baby if that is what is right for us? Since the start of this country, we have left religion and the law separate, and that is for a reason. Pro-life supporters support their side mainly because they are apart of the Christian community, so why should they be able to say abortion should be against the law just because their religion says so? In America, three in four women who abort their child are affiliated with the Catholic Church. With that said, why should we allow the minority to win and say abortion is not correct, when we are free and responsible for our own bodies?

Pro-choice supporters support the choice of women for countless reasons. Pregnancies result from many situations; rape situations resulting in pregnancy, teen pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, and even planned pregnancy. If a teen becomes pregnant, she is not going to be in the financial position for have the baby, and be able to grow in her life and get a degree and a job by herself. That teen would also most likely not be mature and experienced enough mother the baby correctly by herself, and make it in today’s world. If baby is no more than 3 weeks along, shouldn’t that woman be able to decide if it is right for her to abort the baby, not just the pro-life community? The same thought process goes for other pregnancies, except for certain circumstances in my eyes. If you are a grown women, stable all the way around and become pregnant, the baby should be born. As well as if the baby is far-along, more than 3 weeks, then I would side with that being murder. That right there is half of the beauty of being pro-choice, you can decide in what circumstances abortion may be morally correct through your own eyes. To add to that, being pro-choice is not irresponsible like many pro-life supporters may believe. Pro-choice supporters who may abort a child are making the responsible decision, knowing that bringing a child into this world would not be right for not only the mother or father of the child, but as well as that baby.

As well as pro-choice, pro-life supporters do have some valid points. Abortion can lead to a number of things such as breast cancer, depression, and worst of all, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many women who think aborting their child is best and that they are strong and capable enough to handle the abortion recover from the experience developing PTSD and depression over the loss of their potential child. Of course this is a valid reason to not abort a baby, but again here is another beauty about pro-choice. It is up to them woman to decide if she is strong enough to overcome both the physical and emotional trauma of an abortion. If there is doubt in her mind, then she can look at her other options. There are women out there who think abortion is no problem and knows that they could handle both the physical and emotional trauma, and no one else should be controlling her choice but herself.

We live in a free country, and no other woman, or man, should be deciding what is correct for a baby, or the parent’s own future. Being a pro-choice country would allow those who are against it, to stay against it, and those who are for it, to abort their child, if needed. As a country we need to keep personal and religious thoughts separate from what women do with their own bodies, and leave it up to the woman and what she thinks is best for her potential child, and for that child and woman’s life.


Mackenzie K.

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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