Simran D. California


Every woman should have the option to keep or abort her baby.

Dear Next President,

I want to touch basis with you on the controversial topic of abortion. Many people all over the United States believe in “pro-life” due to a certain religion they follow or morals they believe in. However, I believe in pro-choice, which means that the parents, especially the mother, should have the choice to either have or abort their baby.

Many cases have been seen in the United States where a girl/woman had to face an unplanned pregnancy. Many times, with an unplanned pregnancy, the mother was a victim in an inhumane crime known as rape. Research shows that in the United States, one in five women have been faced with sexual assault in their lifetime. This also means that one in five women have been under a high risk of having an unplanned pregnancy. Some people believe it is barbaric to “murder” a baby, but those people do not take in account the brutal action taken to produce that baby and the suffering the mother had to go through and would be reminded of all her life, while raising the child. Also since the time period to obtain an abortion is during the early stages of the pregnancy, when the fetus has not developed a heart or a brain, the fetus is not yet considered a “person or human” and we cannot consider abortion to be murder.

A counter-argument touted by those who are pro-life is adoption. People who believe in pro-life say that there is no need to abort the baby when the parents could put a child up for adoption. Even though this is an option, there are many problems that the mother can face while carrying a child, especially one that she does not want. For instance, while carrying the baby, the mother needs to take great care of her and her child’s health which requires the family/mother to have a good amount of money. If the family has financial issues, they would not be able to take good care of the mother and the baby, which could endanger them both. Also, while carrying her baby, the mother gets emotionally attached to her child making it harder for her to give it up. In conclusion, I strongly believe abortion should remain legal and the parents should have full right to have a choice to either abort or have their baby.


Simran Dhawan

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2B

High school English IB course

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