Todd B. Michigan


We are getting more and more terrorists attacks as the years go on, and it needs to stop.

Dear Next President,

“Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint” (Hitchens). Since 9/11 there has been 37 terrorists attacks to the U.S. In the matter of 15 years we have had 37 attacks. I think we should just get along with other countries so terrorists attacks don't happen anymore. The more we get along with other countries the less terrorists attacks and threats we would have. Another thing we should do is not have so many people come into are country a year. There has been a lot of homegrown terrorism (people that grow up here or come here and become a terrorist).

In the Boston Marathon bombing there was 2 guys that appeared to be in the bombing. One a citizen and one not. It says in the article that “In Kyrgyzstan, the Tsarnaev family was part of a Chechen diaspora that dates to 1943, when Stalin deported most Chechens from their homeland over concerns that they were collaborating with the invading Nazi army”(Parker). So they moved from their homeland and game to the americas for a better start. The oldest did not become a citizen. The article said that the oldest did not really have any friends or do a lot of things so maybe that's why they wanted to bomb the americas. That also might have influenced the younger one to help do this as well. In the Orlando shooting it was also homegrown terrorism. “The guy that did the shooting was born and raised here in the americas, his parents came here and he was born the americas’ (Zambelich).

They are saying that it is the military's fault that there is homegrown terrorism. It says that “survey responses reinforced the FBI’s conclusion that such individuals “frequently believe the U.S. military is committing atrocities in Muslim countries, thereby justifying their violent aspiration” (Hussain). So that means that the military needs to stop having wars in muslims terrorists. That affects the muslims in this country and makes them want to be a terrorists to our country.

You might ask why I'm telling you these things. This is because I want the country to have less terrorists attacks. Terrorist attacks affects everyone in this country. Not just the people that were involved in it but also the other people that hear about it. This is our country we don't want to see on the news that there was a terrorist attack. We can help that by not going to so many country and attacking them. That might make a difference if we do that. I just want the country to have less attacks on us, and have us not do so many attacks ethier. The less attacks we get the less people will worry about having a terrorists attack, and worry on the more important stuff. All I ask for you to try to do is have us not have so many terrorist attacks and us not give so many because that makes the other countries want to give us one back.


 Todd B.

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