Sara L. Michigan

Abortion Should Be The Woman's Choice

Women should be able to make their own decision about whether or not to have a child.

Dear Future President,

As a 16-year-old woman, I have a very strong opinion on the issue of abortion. Being a woman has lead me to believe that if I were to be in the position that I was thinking about having an abortion, I would like to make my own decision about how to handle my situation, and I would like to do this without the interference of the Government. I believe that making your own decisions is a right that every person should have. But women's rights are not the most pressing matter in today's society. In a world dominated by men it is easy for women's rights to be diminished. Is abortion one of these rights?

If abortion is deemed illegal, this could lead a woman to feel helpless or trapped with a baby and a life they may not want at that time. Perhaps her own life is in jeopardy because of the pregnancy. Perhaps she is not able to care for the child. If it were me, it would be very difficult for me to complete high school, and, I expect, my professional goal of becoming an anesthesiologist will be close to impossible to achieve. Without the option of abortion, when pregnancy is unplanned, some mothers will give up their children and those who are not adopted will end up in foster care or orphanages. An abortion can help a woman in many ways: financially, physically and mentally. Depending on the situation a woman may need an abortion so that she doesn't experience complications relating to the pregnancy putting her life in danger, or bringing a child into the world unwanted or if the woman is not financially stable or ready she may have trouble giving a child a well-nourished life. There is no reason to bring a child into this world if they will not be given the best circumstances possible to grow up in. Without the option of abortion, when a pregnancy puts the mother’s life in peril, or she simply can’t deal with carrying a baby to term, she might seek an illegal abortion, or worse, she might do things to herself to attempt to abort the baby herself. In America alone around 1.4 million pregnancies end in abortion. These are the children that could end up in the foster care system or with parents who don’t want them or can’t support them. There is no reason to bring unwanted children into this world.

I am aware that others have different views about this topic, whether that abortion should be illegal no matter the circumstances or that abortion should only be legal in the event of rape or incest, or that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is murder even if the mother’s life is in jeopardy if she carries the child to term, or that abortion should be illegal because of religion. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I believe that is the basis of my argument that abortion must remain legal: each person should have the right to choose. Those who feel abortion is murder, won’t choose abortion. A woman who holds religious beliefs that forbid abortion will choose not to abort her fetus. A woman or girl who is raped can choose to abort the child of their rapist rather than live for nine months with his child growing inside of her.

Ultimately, the best answer is for each woman to be able to consider her own circumstances, seek the counsel of others as she sees fit, and then choose for what is best for herself and for her baby. I appreciate your taking the time to consider my opinion on this issue.


Sara L.

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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