Erica B. Iowa


This is a slam poem about censorship.

We live in a country where we are known for being able to say what we want. Known for being an American.

Known for our freedom.

So why do we have the First Amendment?

Why do we have the First Amendment when we cannot use it completely?

The First Amendment states that we have the right to say what we want;

The Freedom of speech!

Yet there are thousands of books that are being taken out of schools

isn’t that against the First Amendment?

Why do we censor what our children can and cannot read?

Do we not trust them to make the right decisions anymore?

If you don’t trust them, then look back on how you raised them.

Don’t punish them for you being a terrible parent!

Don’t take away their main freedom of reading great stories!

Do you not like what I could say?

Are you afraid that I could ruin you?

Is that why you censor everything these days?

Don’t block us of great books

Because you are afraid of the hooks